Fo​llow Ke​ndra Hadnott

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For ages 12-Adult

Death Leaders creates a world that appeals to both teens and adults. It has been compared to Divergent and is the first book in a forthcoming Death Leaders series.

"Death Leaders is well-written and gripping. The characters’ backgrounds, feelings, and motives are well fleshed-out, and the setting is appropriately creepy, tinged with a dark side that is just enough." - The Hungry Monster Review

​"This is a hugely entertaining genre novel in the classic sense of the word, and a fine national debut for the just-graduated Hadnott." - Chicago Center for Literature and Photography Publishing

​"Death Leaders has the potential to be not only a great book but the next popular and thrilling storyline similar to Harry potter books, Divergent series, and the hunger games series." - Goodreads Reviewer

Death Leaders